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Prior to founding South Park Advisors, Rob spent the first 15 years of his career with one of the largest independent business valuation firms in the U.S. He began in the profession working with a team of 15; eventually Rob landed in a regional accounting firm with over 1,700 employees. After working for such a large firm, the struggle for Rob became two-fold: the work itself felt less like valuing a business and more of an accounting exercise—two tactics not at all similar. Second, Rob believed in working closely with a client to understand “the story” behind the numbers. As Rob often says, “If you don’t know the story, you can make the numbers say anything,” and that is often where business valuation gets murky.

Rob eventually started South Park Advisors to do what he thought was right and made him stand apart in the field: telling the financial story. In 2014, the firm opened its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shortly after, Rob would partner with Rob Hilton, a long-time colleague who shared his mission, vision and values. Together they would build a team of client-focused valuation professionals with unique problem-solving skills. The efforts of this team would lead to the opening of major offices in Rochester, New York (2018) and Phoenix, Arizona (2020). As South Park Advisors continues to grow, Rob looks forward to the journey that lies ahead.

Rob has multiple affiliations and accreditations and has provided services to companies ranging in size from less than $1M to $1B in sales across multiple industries. Although Rob works with all areas of the business, he specializes in estate and gift tax reporting, ESOPs, ownership transition and advisory, dispute resolution, equity sales, buy/sell agreements, recapitalizations, stock option plans, and charitable foundation reporting and lending purposes.

Rob lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his family. You can learn more about his professional experience here.

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