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The knowledge and experience to give our clients the advice that's best for their industry.

South Park Advisors has the knowledge and experience to provide business valuation and advisory services to trustees through various stages of an ESOP life cycle, from initial transactions, annual updates, second-stage transactions to plan terminations.

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Transactions & Fairness Opinions

At South Park Advisors, we provide additional assurance to trustees that transactions are fair and reasonable from a financial point of view. As an unbiased third party in the room, our recommendations can help trustees make a prudent decision. 

Annual Updates

South Park Advisors provides annual valuation updates to trustees. We believe there is no one-size-fits all approach, and every annual update is uniquely based on each business, sector and industry.

We’ll work closely with the management team to gain a thorough understanding of the business and its financial and market conditions. Our reports will be easily understandable to assist trustees in their determination of the annual share price.

Appraisal Review

When we take on this work, our primary goal is to put ourselves in the position of the trustee and try to identify risk and exposure. We ask the question, “How is this defendable? Where is the exposure?” We are not there to tear apart a competitor’s work. We are there to help the trustee have confidence that they are acting in a prudent manner and can reasonably rely on their advisor’s work.

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