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What We Can Do For You

South Park Advisors can help you decide if an ESOP might help you achieve your business succession and retirement goals. Whether you are seeking to gain liquidity and diversification, exit on your desired timeframe, maintain the business’ legacy, or reward the employees that have helped you to grow, we can guide you through the implementation process and advocate on your behalf.


Valuation Guidance

ESOP Feasibility

ESOP feasibility is a phased process that allows you to decide whether an ESOP is the best strategy for achieving your goals.

The process can vary in complexity depending on the unique circumstances of the owners.

Phase 1 provides a range of value that a business is likely to be sold for in an ESOP transaction. This gives the business owner the information needed to decide on whether it is beneficial to move forward.

Phase 2 starts with analyzing and modeling how an ESOP structure might work. This involves the analysis of several features of the plan, including how much benefit the ESOP may provide to the employees, and the proceeds the selling shareholders might receive under different tax-based scenarios.

Phase 3 involves creating a Confidential Information Memorandum that conveys important info about the business, including its operations, financial statements, management team and other data that will be needed for negotiations with prospective lenders and the trustee team.

In the final phase, South Park Advisors will guide you through the entire process. We will negotiate with on your behalf to ensure that the terms of the transaction proposed by the trustee team are adequate.

Plan Structure

An ESOP Plan Structure is typically included in the ESOP Feasibility process. The focus of this service is to determine what type of retirement benefit level the company wants to establish for its employees.

Valuation Guidance

South Park Advisors can assist a selling business owner with determining if an offer received for their business is fair and reasonable.

Services We Offer

Valuation Advisory

Valuation Advisory

South Park Advisors delivers professional advice that you can rely on for mergers and acquisitions, ownership transition, dispute resolution, covenants not to compete and other complex analyses.

ESOP Advisory

ESOP Advisory

South Park Advisors has the knowledge and experience to work with you through every stage of the ESOP lifecycle. Whether you are a business owner contemplating retirement, or an ESOP trustee responsible for the benefits plan of the employees you represent, we can help.

Tax & Estate

Tax & Estate

Specializing in business valuation for estate, gift and other tax matters, South Park Advisors will work closely with your attorney, wealth planner and other trusted advisors to better plan for the future, minimize taxes and maximize your family’s wealth.

Let us help you accomplish your goals.


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